Waterfalls Op. 1

Waterfalls wash over ivory stones
Largo ripples on alabaster bones
Mountain tresses of billowing streams
With graven nocturnes in raven dreams

Dolce showers from clouds on high
Are borne away by trembling sigh
O’er lacquered lake of purists black
Come rampant storms that purists lack

Unbridled rage of torrential rain
Heaviest downpours a forte gain
Pounding storms now slates of blood
Then sorrow’s sobs bring allegro flood

Subito sunbow in leggiero bliss
Marcescent raindrops ritardando kiss
Dispersing clouds into dulcet tones
Waterfalls rest over ivory stones

Between the lines

Note: this is purely conceptual and silly fun, evidenced by itself…

Read between the lines
To know the secret lies
Or you’ll be left behind
Don’t miss the hidden cries
Where words pretend to fall
The eyes won’t see what’s written
They’ll never say it all
When with just the words you’re smitten
But understand you might
You can save a wanting soul
If next you bring the ‘light
And make what’s written whole

Note 2: if you didn’t see the clues, there’s no hope for yous…
Note 3: looks like it doesn’t work in the WP Reader in a browser ):
Note 4: still fun (:

Parallel (daily prompt)

The parallel persuasion

Of her passive, pensive lips

Brought him to supplication

For her stroking or her whips

Unadorned by smile or pout

No wicked thoughts belied

But by a gaze that bore no doubt

Was he, her hunger eyed

A chill coursed through the moment’s heat

When she bared her pearly whites

She’ll tear from him the bone and meat

‘Til the next her hunger sights