Death Becomes You

I lie awake always dreading sleep,
For in the morn waking daymares creep.
And He will come to stalk me then;
The Reaper summons me to His den.

“Come to me,” His voice does call,
“I’ll bring you peace from one and all.”
“Take my hand and follow me,
Into darkness, painlessly.”

“But what of hope and love and joy?” I cry,
To the beast my eyes not dry,
“Won’t the seeker find what’s sought…
Happiness given to those who wrought!?”

He smiles His smile so innocently,
Seeing what I cannot see.
“Always know, this truth be true,
My eyes see, death becomes you.”

So, reluctantly, I take His hand;
My mind now weak, my body can’t stand.
With my tool I surrender to He,
No longer living in misery.

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse

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