Reach Around

Tired of putting faith in strangers;
Only to be crushed each time.
Had already lost faith in family;
This last time must be a sign.

What’s that leave for the faithless?
Nowhere to turn but in.
Reliance on self is the option.
But turning in could lead to a sin.

Not that sin is a viable concept.
For the faithless that idea’s not real.
Would it not require the precept,
That real angels are present to heal?

Alone in the world we are brought.
And alone in the world we will leave.
Very few will be remembered;
We leave the tapestry unweaved.

Two choices remain for each of us;
We can hasten time’s hold on life.
Or patiently wait for the last breath,
Choosing life and all of its strife.

One choice takes all your courage,
The other choice takes all your fear.
The answer is up to each of us,
And I fear the answer’s not clear.

Now I lie awake in confusion,
Wondering which choice to make.
Faith is implied by uncertainty,
So I’ll make the choice when I wake.

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse

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