Reflections in the Pond

Watching my reflection in the pond, I’m struck by the emptiness.
The cold stare of the water, the solitude, the loneliness.

Just a two dimensional image with nonexistent form.
An odd absence of sparkle, appearing forlorn.

The eyes seem soulless as they stare back at me;
No doubt due to the water’s lack of real humanity.

What should be teaming with life, is betraying none.
No warmth beneath the surface, no light save the distant sun.

I touch the face and the ripples envelop me;
An ever cascading distortion of reality.

My hand in deeper, I watch for reaction.
With each passing moment, I see the refraction.

Then to my surprise I stand without sound!
I’m staring at myself as if from the ground!

My reflection slowly turns and begins to retreat.
I want to call after, but I cannot speak.

I don’t understand, how can this be?!
Unless I am the pond and he is like me.

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse

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