Our battle now done, a crossroad of fate;
Wounded by a soldier from the vile plane.
I can still be saved for I see our gate;
Praying to my Lord, my faith does not wane.

Then I sense It on Its final approach;
Silhouetted, I cannot make out Its form.
It glows with hatred, I can feel Its reproach;
With agony It brings a wish of unborn.

I feel the beast’s gaze as It draws near;
Knowing not what It has in store for me.
My Lord teaches me to know not fear;
To fight for Him is my only task from He.

Too wounded I am to resist Its clutch;
As It reaches for me I cannot retreat.
I am taught pain comes at Its very touch;
Lord, please help me! I can now feel Its heat!

What’s this? It touches and I feel not pain;
Its warmth envelops me, no fear is at hand.
I wait for the onslaught of Its hateful rain;
But it comes not and I don’t understand.

It bares not fangs, but a gentle smile;
The glow around It is not hate, but light.
Is this one of my Lord’s many trials?
I know what I should do, but I cannot fight.

It imparts feelings that I thought long lost;
Ones of Joy and Love from eons passed.
My Lord demands we fight it at all cost;
But all I can think is, “It’s here, at last.”

It’s lifting me higher, I feel only peace;
And with it my anticipation does grow.
All pain forgotten and anger does cease;
Oh Lord Lucifer, why did you deceive me so?

Then His steel grip from the fires down deep;
More than a match for this soldier of wing.
Pulling me passed the gates of Death’s keep;
The notes fading fast as the soldier does sing.

He will punish me for lost faith in the end;
And for letting loose the hope that I craved.
He is too strong, and my will He will bend;
I cannot fight Him, I cannot be saved.

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse

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