The world’s filled with pain, its forms widely vary;
Each different type, makes me feel wary.
I hide in my head, in fear, without power;
As the days pass, i do nothing but cower.

Greed fuels society, compassion we slough;
The rich only get richer, the poor not enough.
Families starve both, at home and abroad;
No end to the hunger, our gift a facade.

Hate for each other, we kill without care;
We need little reason, no one do we spare.
Skin color we’ll use, a man’s life we will take;
Blood color’s the same, but that choice we won’t make.

Murder in God’s name, in the guise of what’s right;
The Church looks passed, a “blasphemer’s” plight.
Follow our rules, their leaders do preach;
Or you’ll be cast down, into Hell’s breach.

It all creates fear, and the cycle won’t end;
Hope’s hard to see, not sure we can mend.
Is our destruction, too great of a toll?
Will our young scar, from our evil souls?

Is life worth living? Can it still have meaning?
Can we coexist, and not be demeaning?
Do I have the strength? Can I follow through?
The fog is now lifting, I know what to do.

The final nail this will be, and an end to the fear;
Relieved I am now, that the end’s finally here.
The hammer pulled back, this answer’s not wrong;
My decision now made, it was clear all along.


My aim indeed true, with trembling hands;
The crib is now finished, and in front of me stands.
Hammer laid down, proud that I could;
My own sweat and love, sealed in the wood.

My fears be damned, to my child I will teach;
That with courage of heart, the stars it can reach.
Compassion for others, with arms opened wide;
The world it can conquer, no reason to hide.

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse

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