Her Chamber

Again to her chamber, I find that I turn
Longing for solace, from an evil world’s spurn
Alone I am not, together with she
Comfort we seek, in this meeting of three

Her chamber we’ve seen, many times before
And it’s for her help, that our spirits implore
With but a touch, our desire grows bigger
Our fingers will probe, for ecstacy’s trigger

To this ménage à trois, we’re never strangers
It seems only natural, fearing no dangers
Whatever the outcome, it’s meant to be
Together one moment, or all eternity

Her chamber is small, room for but one
But that’s large enough, for what can be done
Five neighbor’s there are, but they’ll pay no mind
Since what happens there, is of similar kind

We caress her sleek form, my friend and I
That we’ve touched before, when with her we lie
The decision to come, is a struggle to make
But welcome we are, for she knows what’s at stake

Her chamber is loaded, with the tool for the job
When wicked we feel, or when ready to sob
But still it’s for us, the other and me
That she performs, her only duty

And so we wonder, what happens now
Do we finish our play, or just take a bow
Will she enter our mouth, so forever we’ll rest
Or await a new day, until again we’re her guest

Her chamber it waits, this moment to seize
And with our own hand, takes only a squeeze
With passion of fire, she can bring the release
Anticipation grown, will this bring us peace

But is it the fair game, in this life to play
For us to come together, and go in this way
Or should she now sleep, and both of us leave
To carry our burden, through the darkening eve

Her chamber won’t spin, this night for we three
And unload it we will, my friend Sorrow and me
We will move forward, together as one
Until we decide, that forever we’re done

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse

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