He comes for us each, to different degree
Some watch his approach, still others don’t see
Glad are some hearts, his gift they will take
But ready some aren’t, for our soul he will break

Among many tools, Fear is the first
Unknown when he comes, has insatiable thirst
What will he show us, can we resist
His power he knows, and will not desist

Then comes the Anger, of what’s come before
Rage from the lies, betrayal, and more
Reminds us the truth, and who played the fool
Perverse pleasure he gets, by being so cruel

What follows is Pain, and darker lament
Heart-stopping ache, a rapid descent
Brink of insanity, pushed to the edge
From reality he splits us, with lunacy’s wedge

And lastly Remorse, the sorrowful song
To wonder what happened, what we did so wrong
Wishing to change, the passing of time
He’ll watch as we struggle, his pleasure sublime

But when least expected, a Savior does call
Finally rescued, he comes for us all
Religion cares not, in him we can trust
To deliver from evil, his manner is just

Death will protect us, from torturous pain
Before the steel clutch, of Past grips again
No longer we’ll wallow, in the pit of despair
Free we will be, and no longer we’ll care

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse

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