Second Chance

Reflection cast
From mirror hast
Shown me my true form
Accepting fear
I go from here
Into the darkened storm

Vampiric gaze
Internal haze
Of one who’s dead inside
Where once a soul
But now a hole
Surely does reside

I close my eyes
Recalling lies
From evil days of yore
And fight the urge
Of tears that surge
Remembering the lore

Broken trust
The pieces dust
Will never fully heal
Arrested heart
Is now a part
Of why I cannot feel

I seek to be
Free from living death
Will I hate
My twisted fate
Until my final breath

Bloodlust rage
Trapped in my cage
Looking for release
Demons loose
May tie the noose
Finally bringing peace

But is there more
I do implore
As life’s downtrodden pawn
Can there be
A hope for me
In witnessing the dawn

Opened eyes
I realize
There is a Second Chance
That with a storm
A flower’s born
And with it new romance

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse

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