All Hallows Eve

On Halloween night, several years ago
Eve walked her child, under moonlit glow
She crossed paths, with a mysterious man
Who with his own child, walked hand in hand

They passed closely by, and during mid-stride
Could tell that the other, was alike inside
When in that moment, they met each’s gaze
It set their hidden predator’s, fires ablaze

Then without thought, the violence erupted
Animalistic growls, of two souls corrupted
No chance to quell, the passionate rage
As each escaped from, their domestic cage

She struck him first, with blinding fury and speed
He winced in pain, as his throat began to bleed
But strong was his will, without pausing fought back
And she thoroughly relished, his ferocious attack

His hands felt powerful, as she was drawn near
She feigned to struggle, but did not feel fear
Never she worried, about losing control
As she whispered instructions, then she’d extol

Her claws ripping skin, on his back and his sides
He pulled her in closer, by her naked thighs
Ripped to shreds were, both his and her clothes
And from inflicted pain, his bloodlust now rose

His dagger was steel, and encroached on her lips
She ran the blade through, her nimble fingertips
Her fangs always bared, she pierced through his skin
Blood smeared on her face, and the man winced again

As his hands probed for, something to grip
His tongue lashed out, like a razor-laced whip
Together they howled, in glorious pain
Exhaustion took over, their strength now in wane

Then feeling a tug, on her extended right hand
She was brought back, to the night’s conscious land
Her step still continuing, without breaking stride
As the child pulled her forward, her demon did hide

Was but an instant, for she and the stranger
But remember she does, the exquisite danger
Claws since sharpened, and cleaned of the gore
She craves that her wound, be opened once more

Wanting each passing year, to see him at least
To gaze in his eyes, and loose her own beast
Will this year bring joy, or again will she grieve
The huntress will hunt, on All Hallows Eve

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse

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