The menace of time, will come for us each
Who we once were, out of history’s reach
Everyone cast, behind memory’s wall
Identity lost, to oblivion’s call

Some see a mountain, to conquer and climb
More draw fantasies, in the sands of time
One is fulfilled, with a life that’s well spent
The other merely watches, without making a dent

United in time, a destiny we share
Each grain of sand, is a soul that’s laid bare
Together we wait, as our narratives pass
An equality of fate, in this Ourglass

And so on the edge, of infinity’s maw
Unable to break, time’s physical law
Spending our life, in hatred and greed
Or living with love, and helping in need

Soon to be faceless, we’ll cease to exist
Our erasure assured, though we resist
Memory’s torch, the last weapon to wield
Held by those left, after life’s yield

Not always written, by those of fair mind
A history in question, might show you unkind
What legacy remains, is for them to impart
So how will you live, and when will you start?

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse

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