Coven Three

My life controlled, by a coven of three
The fear, the sorrow, the hate for me
Hope is now hidden, in my heart’s enclave
Alone it does rot, as my mind’s own slave

I’m locked in these chains, by enemies mine
The key was cast forth, into future’s time
My past’s dark shadows, over me loom
And pain of present, foretells a doom

Cursed by my doubt, is weapon one
Frozen in place, and nowhere to run
Struggle with thought, focus a pest
Mind ever racing, and no time to rest

Drowning in sadness, is weapon two
Lacking all joy, and options are few
Happiness is lost, in simplest tasks
While hiding the pain, in smiling masks

Consumed by loathing, is weapon three
No love for myself, so you can’t love me
All that’s gone wrong, is ever my fault
Before healing starts, it’s put to a halt

But hope does still shine, though faintly so
Hiding in my heart, and waiting to grow
It lights the way, to the lock’s only key
Still there is time, to set myself free

The answer is clear, to unlocking the gate
Let go of the fear, the sorrow, the hate
Look to the future, hope lighting the way
While blinding the past, it keeps darkness at bay

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse

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