Score and Six

A Score of bright lights, on this holiday,
Once brilliantly shined, now darkened they lay,
Extinguished by evil, devoid of remorse,
That we march on, is our only recourse.

Six guardians of souls, forever now lost,
Protected the light, with the ultimate cost,
Giving themselves, so others would shine,
A last selfless act, to be honored for all time.

Banished from life, that evil is no more,
But around every turn, and at every door,
Evil still lurks, and darkness it spreads,
With pain in our hearts, and fear in our heads.

But if a light shined, from every last soul,
We’d expose evil’s truth, and diminish its goal,
Cast out the shadows, and brighten the dark,
Blind all the evil, for the fallen’s last mark.

A Score and Six souls, on angelic wing,
Were carried away, while angels did sing,
Remember their lives, and protect in their stead,
Keeping yours safely, tucked in their bed.

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse

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