scarred bark in the stark darkness a hinterland of rampikes hidden within lightning strikes beneath a wrothful sky fauna trample ample flora in a panic as the nimbi gaze with a watchful eye land eroding at the banks escape the downpour into a fresh moor as the river gorges on the earth icthyic dances underwaterContinue reading “QBD”

Mighty Sequoia

Me: Mighty Sequoia, why is it that in all but the heaviest downpours, your roots remain dry? Sequoia: It is because the older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve grown, and the deeper my roots burrow into memory far away from the influence of the sky. Only the most unforgiving rain can churn the memories, muddyingContinue reading “Mighty Sequoia”


This spiral staircase – his sensorium, ever silent and deep – whose steps fade and whose shadows wilt before the blossom of endogenous darkness, is devoured stair by stair as the beast pursues him downward with unalloyed rancor and tenacity There is no egress; the absence of memories marked by the stench of failure andContinue reading “Beast”