*a fly lands on frog’s head* Astonished by the daring impertinence of the fly, the frog had little choice but to question him why Why did you rest on my little green head? You know it’s my nature to eat you instead I’ve nothing to live for in life anyway, so i thought I’d justContinue reading “Astonish”


Too sad Too dark Too gross Too weird Too bloody Too laconic Too whiney Too suicidal Too verbose Too trusting Too unfunny Too nihilistic Too sensitive Too troubling Too unfocused Too unpopular Too unfriendly Too depressing Too mistrusting Too complicated Too inconsistent Too intimidating Never the one, always the too


She’s the fade of the smile when they turn away She’s the burn in the red, puffy eyes She’s the space between heartbeats Not living nor dead She’s the pause at the end of the sighs She’s the track that remains from the path of a tear She’s the nod to the voices unheard She’sContinue reading “Caged”


Perhaps an artisan’s chisel and hammer may deconstruct the carefully concealed façade Revealing rivulets of imperfection mayhemically scarring limestone The chert, befouling exquisite slate by its mere existence and presence Swirling impurities metamorphosed from pressurized, complicatized layers A frantic fractality of feints fragmented for misdirection and survival To some, presumptive beauty in stagnant veining, foreverContinue reading “Rivulet”


Adorned in his button down The curve of her back As she eagerly leans over her lap Where his freshest open wound lay A flower to her nourishment drawn A petal hovering above Anticipating the page’s turn Hair held up by a yellow no. 2 Save a languorously dangling curl Persistently insistent on reading alongContinue reading “Notable”


Pendalogues of lamplight Falling down the stony stares Tripped when realization dawns That no one really cares Swaying absentmindedly Inured to dulcet voices Hollow in the lamplit room Immured by darkened choices – ◈ – Pendalogues of madness That feed the freshet down below Turn crystal pools of sadness To sanguine shores that overflow NeitherContinue reading “Pendalogues”


The shadow, swallowed by the darkened corner The below average, bringing down the curve The dead, overshadowed by the crying mourner The straight-laced, out done by the crazy swerve The teardrop, melting in the scalding shower The single note, dropped in the concert hall The whisper, lost beneath the voice of power The mighty tree,Continue reading “Invisible”


A contemptible, sloven cur, is he Always quickest to pick a fight Quicker still to hide or flee A rabid dog without the bite Time one day will put him down Though his father began years before While the bitch went off to lift her gown A beaten pup, a father’s rage for the whoreContinue reading “Cur”


“Good morning, honey…” He was awakened by her quick good morning kiss Just before receiving a second, from the hastily opened curtains Both of them beamed, though he couldn’t divine which was brighter But it seems they each were happy he was there, which always puzzled him She stood briefly in front of the window,Continue reading “Elaborate”


The inkwell tumbles over welkin and wit; her seething susurrations invite slumberous disregard The puissant voluptuary, the sadist, the con, swallows me with magmatic lips, melting resolve and self-control Fervid angst transudes through saucers into lacustrine stains and chilling horripilation; restrained by fists of silk and ichor ropes She chases me through my tenebrous id,Continue reading “Company”

Waterfalls Op. 1

Waterfalls wash over ivory stones Largo ripples on alabaster bones Mountain tresses of billowing streams With graven nocturnes in raven dreams Dolce showers from clouds on high Are borne away by trembling sigh O’er lacquered lake of purists black Come rampant storms that purists lack Unbridled rage of torrential rain Heaviest downpours a forte gainContinue reading “Waterfalls Op. 1”

Between the lines

Note: this is purely conceptual and silly fun, evidenced by itself… Read between the lines To know the secret lies Or you’ll be left behind Don’t miss the hidden cries Where words pretend to fall The eyes won’t see what’s written They’ll never say it all When with just the words you’re smitten But understandContinue reading “Between the lines”


The parallel persuasion Of her passive, pensive lips Brought him to supplication For her stroking or her whips Unadorned by smile or pout No wicked thoughts belied But by a gaze that bore no doubt Was he, her hunger eyed A chill coursed through the moment’s heat When she bared her pearly whites She’ll tearContinue reading “Parallel”


With blood encrusted fingertips Beneath her shattered fingernails An unbreakable determination Fills wide her billowing sails She continues to fret the layers Each stroke deeper than the last Ignoring those, unwilling souls To see beyond his troubled past She knows what lies behind the pain Of his brick and mortar pall And soon she’ll pullContinue reading “Fret”

The fart catcher

Lightning split the sky over a secluded, Philadelphia country road. Autumnal sycamores and ironwoods embraced the winding route. Swollen with deep oranges and dirty yellows, they burst into glossy, earthen watercolors with each strobe of the darkness. A midnight blue, 1922 Ford Model T sits almost motionless under the driving rain. In the middle ofContinue reading “The fart catcher”


The stoic bear who guards the shore Swore an oath, so says the lore To wait for mother who crumbled in In search of food presumed by him A millennia has past away Since that dark and stormy day And still he waits upon the edge Where was made his valiant pledge When once again she’sContinue reading “Guardian”


He couldn’t help but watch them They weren’t trying to hide He could even hear them In pieces, anyway, on the corner The twenty-somethings The woman was beautiful Although, not in the raw, carefree, subtle, palm tree way Hers was a manufactured beauty A skyscraper, an architectural wonder reflecting a brilliant sun But not theContinue reading “Deplete”


the glimmer danced at moonset gloaming come and gone upon the lake with no threat to welcome coming dawn sol would cast the shadows an audience for she her stage the depths and shallows for all of them to see she’d dance for adulation she was there to please their simpered infatuation ‘fore nighttime’s comingContinue reading “Glimmer”


The incessant clank of the street sign was agitating She needed to think It was dusk, and the unpredictable breeze with the anticrepuscular rays, provided an epiphanic backdrop Standing barefoot and out of breath, she grasped the annoying post for balance Her torn skirt fluttered in the evening zephyr, before adhering again to her sweat-streakedContinue reading “Signs”


Across the frozen road Wriggles the serpentine snow When urged by shepherd’s goad Their tails whip to and fro Their rhythmic winding motion Advance them with a slither As they heed the zephyr’s notion Twisting hither and thither Herded in one direction A journey devoid of care Corralled without objection They glide to here andContinue reading “Shepherd”


the thrush rushed on the cusp of trust it must crush that which swells inside the callow swallow (eye rhyme :p) with disregard seemed shallow but in truth was impelled to hide in the brush they’d follow no matter how hollow the understory and confide they’d dither and wither while within them slither deepest darkestContinue reading “Rush”


he sat in darkness, his darkness warmed by the seductive dancing of firelight, as its fingers caress his rufescent cheeks a trace of cognac coalesced in the corner of his glass, pulling itself toward the diminishing flames that reflect upon its crystalline surface mesmerized, he watches his long journey unfold in the fireplace, absorbed inContinue reading “Haul”

If they only knew

I can almost hear the sunlight’s strain, as it struggles to push through the closed windowblinds, steadfastly determined to flood the room with its unwanted presence Like the uninvited guest happily knocking at the welcome mat-less front door The too-cheery neighbor waving from their well-manicured lawn The good mornings and have a nice days fromContinue reading “If they only knew”

Insurgent sea

The slumberous, midnight sea heaves in a rhythmic undulation of atramentous silk; beneath the vigilant gaze of its empyreal guardians, it thrashes and churns with defiant dreams of conquering the night sky To quell the insurgent desire of the envious waters below, empyrean casts her brilliant starlight upon its black, mirrored surface; so the restlessContinue reading “Insurgent sea”