Strident brio

He bared his heart with timidity, and with brio was cast aside He feared for marked insanity, with the many times he’d tried The booming beat within his breast, hushed lunacy’s strident calls Until he stilled his throbbing heart, when then those voices died art: Anomalie 7 by Eric Lacombe


Layered psychoses swelter her brow, helter-skelter sans clemency of a breath; nested neuroses bombastically loud, she’s a madness of matryoshka dolls; infinity mirrors of dwindling sanity, bearing distant truths of her diminishing self; the taunting homunculi with unreal expectations, synchronize chides for Platonic perfection; this ephemeral Form of unattainable need, is found unapologetic in theContinue reading “Doll”


It lies not in the belief that you’re a butterfly Therein lies the dusted iridescence of insanity Nor in the misguided extolments of strangers Therein lies the birth of a disfigured maggot Potential lies only in one’s ability to exceed it Most will never soar amidst the kaleidoscope art: butterfly by Peterio


Lip chewing Making waves Beneath heavy lids Going down stares Led by come hither fingers Dripping darkness dares To steel my clenched fist Whittle flesh, make a man Bereft of bone and sinew Pedal and brimstone Whet with gore and malice Grinding shrapnel for dessert Soaked in lies and afterthought Napalm charring the bowel OfContinue reading “Whittle”


Closing gaping open wounds with tiny searing nooses Stitching burning questions in lamentous deadman sutures Itching ambling fingernails in obeisance of their masters Tearing at the sentient seals withholding all the answers Flaying scarring keratin with mindless zeal abide Knowing flowing remedies are hiding just inside art: by Paolo Troilo

Wild horses

Drawn and quartered memories Wild horses on unbridled courses A whipping fury of tails and manes They, reigning without reins They, unsaddled by saddles An unbroken stampede of nightmares On anger benders, biting the bit broken Bygone woebegone won’t begone They, the slaughterers They, the rider renders art: Four Horses of Apocalypse by Lorenzo Ghiglieri


A doting son, a distant father A gulf of petulance between Taken for granted, disenchanted A landfill of shoes to fill A landfill of time to kill A lonely son, a father deceased A gulf of emptiness between Grown to contemplate, appreciate A curio of shoes to display A curio of time to dismay art:Continue reading “Petulant”


Too young to fear the coming jeer from a host of bitter grey Left unprepared when venom flared for living her own way She would deviate and elevate to rise above the horde Then was ostracized and lobotomized for striking her own chord So she hid the fire and bid the pyre to keep herContinue reading “Deviate”


He tires of the magmatic struggle, the viscid tiger crawl of liquid basalt enveloping his head; The vertiginous plume consuming his vision in a latticework of soot, smoke, and sorrow; The thermic surge, a thigmotropistic urge, seeking to enflame his fuming faculties; The sweltering seduction of fervid lips, brushing his cheeks to glowing rubescence; AContinue reading “Silenced”


Dahlia layers, a flowering fractality Repeating redolence of sensual scents A silken shroud of multitudinousness Fragility in exquisite equilibrium Petals cascading from a pivotal universe Floral fireworks on a spherical sojourn Lustrous lava flows consuming its core Centric waves of satin, ad infinitum Perpetually pulchritudinous perfection art: by Jackie Jacobson


all around they’re ever prevalent with appetites insatiable it happened without warning taking something irreplaceable the elaborate soulless gadgets our essential evil phones just fabricate xerox copies of toxic mindless drones they devour time so priceless between fingers tightly folding dragooning devilish devices while there’re human hands worth holding we’re slaves of our own makingContinue reading “Xerox”


he turned the corner, a slow maudlin gait what is he thinking, a sick father’s fate his head low hanging, collecting his thought perhaps he’s tricking, this large morbid lot always the teaser, his typical ploys surely the answer, we’re gullible toys burning subsides with, new hesitant hope he steps within reach, wordless I copeContinue reading “Wordless”


it isn’t need it isn’t just it’s purely fetish a wanton lust the master calls a fugue befalls heightened senses for walking palls she draws them in through promised sin playful teases ‘fore tearing skin when comes the blood priapic flood consuming all throws husk to mud her weakness red desire bled though needn’t feedContinue reading “Vampire”


Untidy mind, third eye blind Whence comes the madness, then she opined… Toxic optic epic otic basic logic ethic stoic mimic gimmick tragic tactic ethnic critic septic civic cleric mystic telic fistic frantic antic manic panic graphic traffic drastic plastic Can’t escape the stress bombastic art: Deliberation by Mario Sanchez Nevado  


Dark limerence, she thought it not, a lustful muse, an artist sought What happens then, she’s not to blame, her dark passenger feels the same For art she sits, once taken in, the other paints in scarlet sin One a killer, one lets her kill, leaving naught but painter still Lone seductress, cleaved discrete, eachContinue reading “Limerence”


he followed the rules, of the bespoken tools others would break them, he’s a foretoken fool he squandered each day, by obeying the fray a prisoner of self, ever losing his way he wasted each night, no voice for his plight no answers would come, no choice but to write he’d never feel peace, asContinue reading “Rules”


it is the quiet, and how it smothers internal voices, there are no others its probing tendrils, explore the spaces between the screaming, ‘fore it debases in a reminder, through its oppression he’d be alone if, not for obsession so in the silence, when hearing echoes of voices screaming, their final death throes he cursesContinue reading “Quiet”


She thought it was fantastic her thin smile always plastic And gained many sycophants who just wanted in her pants Thought their admiration real that she had real sex appeal Her heart’s what would truly show hidden plots, intentions faux She teased to keep them at bay so she then could have her way RatherContinue reading “Plastic”


She adores, to her, the gifts he brings When he frees her mind on colorful wings She prizes the warmth when given his kiss The highlight each day that she’d never miss She treasures his calming her current vexation He’s always found nurturing her nascent fixation And she worships the sting of his luscious touchContinue reading “Obligation”


Her wordless withdrawal  was swallowed by the  groan of the closing door;  creeping up his spine,  it delivered a haunting  death rattle to his ear  After the door’s throes  died away, after the  last echo of its final  lament, he whispered, in  eloquence only brevity  has mastered, Goodbye  art: Der Blick by Edward B. Gordon


Negative ever feeds negative it’s a perpetual emotion machine Akin to ouroboros of its tail its insatiablity, destructive, obscene Negative ever seeds negative sowing discord in the susceptible mind To some a mere curiosity, while gardens bloom in the positively blind Negative ever bleeds negative ambrosia always collecting its toll Plumbing the depths of itsContinue reading “Negative”


From street to street he’d gallivant Surreptitious recalcitrant He’d hunt the ladies of the night From shadows dark and mind of blight His lust for lives need not the sun Jack of his trade, master of one They who dwelt Whitechapel way Read the news and in fear they’d lay Whores and strippers their chancesContinue reading “Gallivant”


her satin tongue ere ever sprung wefts and warps lies to be strung ‘hind silken maw and tightened jaw her needle guards pierce red and raw it’s her defense and recompense a loving heart the pain immense so shifting eye and shifting lie will weave the tales but then deny she’ll not devolve instead absolveContinue reading “Satin”


Mired in retrospection nary a decision could be made Wired by circumspection never in progression will he wade Fired upon synapses ignite the trangression with a spark Pyred within memories candlelight suppression now it’s dark Gyred by apparitions haunting reparations end is nigh Tired of self-reflection willful separation time to fly art: The Apotheosis ofContinue reading “Retrospective”


Stained glass, handmade Rufescent shades in shattered blades Red arroyo running deep In hemoglobic homily A broken mirror of nonpareil odium Despise the two derisive eyes staring back Seething sotto voce, curses and hatred Handmade stained glass, picture putrid Spur of the moment, spurn of the moment Now the eyes, they number seven In bloodshotContinue reading “Broken”


A doppelgänger cask Rests deep beneath his skin Like Schrödinger’s famed flask It seeps poison deep within A doctor throughout the day Who bears a vastly darker side Tries to hold this fiend at bay One he knows he cannot Hyde While sanity’s held inside his soul To admit madness he was loath Never knowingContinue reading “Doppelgänger”


The archaic arachnid her fangs are protracted hunts from her foul lair with guile and tongue acrid Beneath cirith ungol fed by the wretch smeagol exchanged for protection from mordor and its evil Then baggins was brought there by gollum who could not bear that the hobbit held precious and the ambush, quite unfair ButContinue reading “Archaic”


He marvels before the irony, feeling guilty for the guilt; he knows, surely, that it is the guilt keeping him alive, an aphrodisiac and a bane staying his executioner’s hand Warning of the wreckage wrought, aware of the afterthought, that this poison in its wake would spread plague- like through the innocent veins of theContinue reading “Guilty”

tsk tsk tsk

tsk tsk tsk wagged the metronome who watched over her delicate hand ting ting ting sang the ivory as she taunted the sweet baby grand no no no seethed the pedagogue he was a talentless, ignorant fool sob sob sob rang the little girl forced alone with the tutor so cruel psst psst psst whisp’dContinue reading “tsk tsk tsk”

Morning flower

He rests the white flower in its waiting vase Vaugely smiling upon the brown, darkened soil Then sets the arrangement in its hallowed place And waters the morning garden, ever so loyal At once a thunderous storm begins brewing And sets to air an aroma that he could hug So lovely, he can’t help ‘foreContinue reading “Morning flower”

Pretender jester

The princess prances down the halls as if she owns them one and all, self-anointed so, by perceiving princely bold advances and apparent surreptitious glances Pretender to the throne, she insists that it’s her wits that got her there, as she’s wont to wear her tight gown and her polished, flaxen crown She knows herContinue reading “Pretender jester”

Premature complications

They’re premature complications And predictive stipulations Of mentally strained gyrations In infinite preparations Overwrought and overthinking Details sought and in them sinking Not yet moments but in a blinking Overwhelming disaster linking Ever breathing, but forget to respire So smell the roses, and duck the crossfire Read the daily prompts and let them inspire ThenContinue reading “Premature complications”

Lipstick kiss

of a lipstick kiss and requisite reflections on waves of discontent; not a lover’s quarrel, merely coercion by happenstance blown through the trees; bearing water red-handed at the shore’s summoning – a souvenir of the dalliance – only to drown beneath the weight of a lipstick kiss floating on bubbles by marianna_a

A bit o’cheek

try as he might to keep it supressed this torturous feeling deep in his breast it’s infecting his mind his heart and his soul in danger of changing to diamond from coal the comments and likes for wrongs that he’d write made him feel good and showed him some light the senations are gross andContinue reading “A bit o’cheek”

Movie night

Moonray nocturne at sweltering dusk, sweat bedighted lines from the pale actor’s whip, rake his torso Obdormition onset by ignavy, recumbent on his bed, mesmerized by the spinning blades overhead The rotation mingles with blueish hues and shadowed cues; dust provides the grain in this 16mm strobe A movie projection flickers to life, of life;Continue reading “Movie night”

Rolling hills and butterflies

He plods along his head hung low, his past and future he drags in tow And dreams as hope then slowly dies, of rolling hills and butterflies With a steady gait, this fool of time, just plods along life’s hellish climb And left alone he bears his wait, he bares his soul, and bears hisContinue reading “Rolling hills and butterflies”

Tombstone garden

Imbroglio bedlam – madness wing, twin windows barred behind a wilting cinquefoil Twisted linen ropes escape each, abseiling to the tombstone garden where within the pistil presses Genuflect beneath sacrificial temples sullied by questions, reverent before silent halls unadorned by answers Guiding the supplicant hand of god to take a life, to free a lifeContinue reading “Tombstone garden”


slight of mind from others blind slipping grip, and left behind bear nine tail no pleading wail shifting whip, of self assail slight the land oft then brand slitting drip, will not withstand noose the pall with echo’s call splitting lip, his id befall scars and stains of shattered brains stripping thrip, of what remains

Lunacy skewed

My eyes open wide, to a chair I am tethered The blood & the gore, what tests have I weathered Instruments all around me, infused with a gleam But wretched, like his smile, they’re surely unclean His spindly, fluid fingers moving so gracefully Skillfully adept with the tests that he does to me He pokesContinue reading “Lunacy skewed”


secreting a saline soliloquy while the tambour calls to war immersed in inferno insurgency riding shotgun ‘bove rapid ichor vaguely expressing the pressure behind a stiff kamikaze gale deters not the coming agressor or the inexorable coffin nail mannequin’d from mental vacuity as the terror takes its toll resigned to wishful torpidity panic’s stealing anotherContinue reading “#69”