Rolling hills and butterflies

He plods along
his head hung low,
his past and future
he drags in tow

And dreams as hope
then slowly dies,
of rolling hills
and butterflies

With a steady gait,
this fool of time,
just plods along
life’s hellish climb

And left alone
he bears his wait,
he bares his soul,
and bears his hate

Thus in his mind
he wants to hide,
with wings of dust
o’er pastures wide

Until his steps
lead him one day,
where he can go
to fly away


Dazzled by the butterfly

dancing to and fro

Then shattered by the moth in flight

who had no eyes in tow

So watch the moth at length I did

to butterfly’s chagrin

Must be childish behavior from

the ‘pillar still within

~silly observation, quick brain dump


She was butterflies and sunny skies

In springtime’s summer air

She was snowflakes and frozen lakes

In late fall’s winter flare

She was bare trees and dying leaves

In summer’s autumn fling

She was dandelions and birds flyin’

In winter’s early spring

She was never there or anywhere

To observe at others’ pace

She was living life and passing time

In a walk while others race