At the ineluctable end of his penannular path, he glares into the blackened filth of the gap, now merely six feet deep; never satisfied, nor fulfilled, nor complete

Unrested grains of sand felled at the edge, presaged his harrowing horizon; he’ll close this opening, this rift, this gift, a final offering to the aedicula beckoning

Bound by obeisance to life’s sisyphean shackles, pushing regret and sorrow ahead of time, filling the once bottomless abyss with a bounty of abysmal alterity

A resting place after a restless journey; lying atop failure upon forfeit; decaying compost his only contribution; his body, a bridge, naturally spans into existential cyclicality

art: MF045 by Eric Lacombe


the thrush rushed
on the cusp of trust
it must crush
that which swells inside
the callow swallow (eye rhyme :p)
with disregard seemed shallow
but in truth was impelled to hide
in the brush they’d follow
no matter how hollow
the understory and confide
they’d dither and wither
while within them slither
deepest darkest desires
then soar from the wail
of the nightingale
leaving a trail of feathers
to sail with their secrets
on the wind behind

~freeverse, rapid write, quick brain dump


heart’s bane
shadow’s reign
blood’s stain
love came
and went
tears followed
life’s hollowed
pills swallowed
naught the doll owed
to the void sent
gone forever
memory never
thoughts would sever
the time
she was lent

~freewrite, rapid write, quick brain dump


scarred bark in the stark darkness
a hinterland of rampikes
hidden within lightning strikes beneath a wrothful sky
fauna trample ample flora
in a panic as the nimbi gaze with a watchful eye
land eroding at the banks
escape the downpour into a fresh moor as the river gorges
on the earth
icthyic dances underwater pleasure pebbles pausing
in the river bed
rapids rumble over stone rubble wreaking havoc
on their homestead
displaced to dwell where dwelled they’d not
but quelled their calls when displaced they got
the wild would wade while the wildwood bade them
over the stones now laid in the flow
in fear they tread while the water fed their fear
until they could not hear the thunder grow

~freewrite, rapid write, quick brain dump