Dark limerence, she thought it not, a lustful muse, an artist sought What happens then, she’s not to blame, her dark passenger feels the same For art she sits, once taken in, the other paints in scarlet sin One a killer, one lets her kill, leaving naught but painter still Lone seductress, cleaved discrete, eachContinue reading “Limerence”


Negative ever feeds negative it’s a perpetual emotion machine Akin to ouroboros of its tail its insatiablity, destructive, obscene Negative ever seeds negative sowing discord in the susceptible mind To some a mere curiosity, while gardens bloom in the positively blind Negative ever bleeds negative ambrosia always collecting its toll Plumbing the depths of itsContinue reading “Negative”


Of course he can see the light, who couldn’t in its desperation to be seen With its ebullient throes of light-waving and self-congratulating brilliance And while admittedly often appealing on the surface, it is his predilection to hold judgement, preferring to peer into its concomitant shadow for clarity If there’s a silver-lining to every cloudContinue reading “-1”

A bit o’cheek

try as he might to keep it supressed this torturous feeling deep in his breast it’s infecting his mind his heart and his soul in danger of changing to diamond from coal the comments and likes for wrongs that he’d write made him feel good and showed him some light the senations are gross andContinue reading “A bit o’cheek”


Too sad Too dark Too gross Too weird Too bloody Too laconic Too whiney Too suicidal Too verbose Too trusting Too unfunny Too nihilistic Too sensitive Too troubling Too unfocused Too unpopular Too unfriendly Too depressing Too mistrusting Too complicated Too inconsistent Too intimidating Never the one, always the too