Bullet dodged

Bullet dodgedHavoc unwreakedThroat unlodgedSecrets unleaked Sight unseenLover unravagedInterest unseemedHater unsavaged Seeker unboundHider unsoughtReason unsoundDanger unfraught Path unclearFate unraveledPresence unnearSteps untraveled Embrace unfeltLove ungivedDesire undealtLife unlived art: (untitled) by Marcos Beccari


She thought it was fantastic her thin smile always plastic And gained many sycophants who just wanted in her pants Thought their admiration real that she had real sex appeal Her heart’s what would truly show hidden plots, intentions faux She teased to keep them at bay so she then could have her way RatherContinue reading “Plastic”


The maiden skipped on butterflies To keep her high above the lies When she unleashed the gossamer Deceiving souls belonged to her Her justice reigns from fingertips From firebrand and whisper‘n lips O’er web like blood inside her vein Now scorched they‘ll never lie again