Cubbies and corners

In the darkest parts

of the starkest hearts

In the cubbies and corners

a rebellion starts

From the silent dreams

to the violent screams

Therein you’ll find

these desperate schemes

For the madness mends

when the sadness ends

When the will is broken

as it no longer bends

Then a hidden seed

grows the bidden need

To succumb to the call

of the forbidden deed

Blue birds

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
There’s a land out of reach and
Lost to both you and I

Somewhere over the rainbow
Hopeless view
Where the dreams you’re a fool to dream
Never do come true

Someday day I’ll beg upon a star
To tell me what the reasons are
Remind me

Lest troubles flow like sanguine drops
Beneath my corpse as afterthoughts
That’s how you’ll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow
Blue birds die
Birds fall broken from lost hope
Wondering why, oh, why?

If happy little bluebirds fly
But blue birds fail to answer why
What, oh, what hope have I?
Lyrics based on Over the Rainbow © 1939 EMI FEIST CATALOG INC

Insurgent sea

The slumberous, midnight sea heaves in a rhythmic undulation of atramentous silk; beneath the vigilant gaze of its empyreal guardians, it thrashes and churns with defiant dreams of conquering the night sky

To quell the insurgent desire of the envious waters below, empyrean casts her brilliant starlight upon its black, mirrored surface; so the restless sea now dreams that it’s already become her master