That Moment

That moment I first saw you, and time came to a stop
That moment that our eyes met, and a heartbeat I did drop

That moment when our hands touched, and I knew that it was you
That moment of our first kiss, when love was still brand new

That moment when I saw you smile, just knowing I was near
That moment when I heard you laugh, was music to my ear

That moment I first held you, as close as we could be
That moment when we made love, and our future I could see

That moment of proposal, when you said you would be mine
That moment when you said yes, would be with me throughout time

That moment when we married, and entwined our souls became
That moment I first called you, by your brand new married name

We lived our lives in happiness, but the tears were on the way
And our love was absolute until, That Moment of dismay

That moment when the doctor said, that you had not very long
That moment again that time stopped, wondering what went wrong

That moment you were taken, no more will our hands touch
That moment that I realized, I’ll not love anyone as much

That moment you descended, into the ground no longer near
That moment I heard silence, with no more music for my ear

That moment when my suicide, I knew you’d not condone
That moment when I realized, I’d carry on alone

That moment after decades, I was told that I’d not live
That moment I was happy, that I had no more life to give

This moment that I’ve longed for, as I wait in bed to die
This moment I am eager to, once again be at your side

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse


The unexpected moments tether us to life
Unpredictability makes us pause the knife
Tangible connections hold us here at first
Surprises in our lives keep the poem versed

It’s not the child’s life that keeps us hanging on
But the child’s laugh that keeps the demons gone
It’s not the lover’s touch giving us connection
But the sudden rose staving off rejection

It’s not the strangers here looking on with blindness
But the inexplicable random act of kindness
It’s not the Twitter timeline that keeps us on our feet
But the new connection from the random tweet

It’s not the pet’s existence keeping closed the gate
But the loving nuzzle shielding us from fate
It’s not the family members preventing final fall
But the sudden interest from the friendly call

It’s not the charity that teaches us to live
But charity of others willing to forgive
It’s not the love of people preventing the demise
But the guilt of causing pain in other people’s lives

There are many tethers that keep us here on Earth
Attaching with our first breath at our initial birth
The list for each of us in life changes by the minute
But Hope’s the final tether that protects us from the limit

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse