The parallel persuasion

Of her passive, pensive lips

Brought him to supplication

For her stroking or her whips

Unadorned by smile or pout

No wicked thoughts belied

But by a gaze that bore no doubt

Was he, her hunger eyed

A chill coursed through the moment’s heat

When she bared her pearly whites

She’ll tear from him the bone and meat

‘Til the next her hunger sights


the glimmer danced at moonset
gloaming come and gone
upon the lake with no threat
to welcome coming dawn

sol would cast the shadows
an audience for she
her stage the depths and shallows
for all of them to see

she’d dance for adulation
she was there to please
their simpered infatuation
‘fore nighttime’s coming tease

soon the threat of twilight
looming overhead
would strip her inhibitions
for one true lust instead

she lost control in darkness
the danger was her love
a match in heaven’s starkness
for the glimmer seen above

her secret dance in moonlight
for luna not the sun
to please her under starlight
her audience of one