He paces throughout this prison,
barred by the abandoned spaces,
only remnants of remembrances,
naught remaining in periphery

breathing subject to parsimony,
being always reticent to continue,
heaviness of heart to aching joints,
he can’t embrace the empty spaces

rather he zealously oppugns reality,
avoids the missing yet not unseen,
at the mercy of the vacant spaces,
caged by the enclosing nothingness

his stride transports him memoriter,
closing his eyes affords a wider view,
the vast open space of the eigengrau,
graces him with anamnesis anew

art: Nigredo – Morgenthau by Anselm Kiefer

The din

The unexpected presence of a new
voice rose through his darkened din;
it is crystalline and promising,
frightening and unobtainable

Wayward imagination will choose its
usual ruse ere he’s disabused; one for
which he unerringly falls, evidenced
by his halls of fancied fallacies

Is that simple gullibility or blind
intractability? Is it desperate
esperance or innate insanity? Muses
he, as if they were different animals

An eximius cynosure who fearlessly
holds the gaze of his inward eye,
a new rose voicing its presence, in
a proem of potential affinity

He can envisage moving a mountain
with a concinnity of extempore,
then applies the verse to her soul,
though nary a chance she’ll be moved

She only scratches the surface of
his brainpan, when the curiosity
is relegated to marginalia, her gaze
drawn away by more talented artists

Abrupt experrection from reverie,
when the din again darkens a rose,
he internally eternizes the memory,
in his oft visited garden of prose

art: dead roses by George Muscalu


“Good morning, honey…”

He was awakened by her quick good morning kiss
Just before receiving a second, from the hastily opened curtains
Both of them beamed, though he couldn’t divine which was brighter
But it seems they each were happy he was there, which always puzzled him

She stood briefly in front of the window, hands on her hips, a smirk on her lips, and an ever so slight hint of the devil in her brilliant eyes
It was definitely she, who was the brighter; and he vaguely wondered if the sun was jealous

Today marked two score and ten years for them, as a them; the old-time lingo always tickled her
This year, like every year past, she was determined to make it special
Even though, he thought, she made every day special

A family gathering
Children, grandchildren, and even a couple great-grand-rascals
All visiting for the feast that she meticulously planned
Food, games, and if he can convince her, maybe some singing with the family and the old baby grand

She’d need no convincing, of course, and she needn’t have gone through the elaborate preparations
He always told her she didn’t need to work so hard on these things; but he had to come to terms, many years before, that it was something she relished
And it was folly to interfere; though he did so occassionally, just for her cheek

She’d always smile and say, “Everyday is a new day for you to fall in love with me more.”
Silly girl, he thought, I fall in love with you more with each quick good morning kiss

“How do you feel, honey?”

Lost in her, he was. You hear it all the time, but she really was the love of his life. Not a day goes by, that he doesn’t worship the ground she floats over. His angel.


He couldn’t imagine ever leaving her side, nor she his. He would hold onto her forever, it was his favorite thing to do. After all, there were quite a few more days ahead, to fall in love with her more

“I think he’s gone, at the moment,” the nurse said politely, “Maybe you should come back in the afternoon.”
She paused briefly to glance out the window, trying to see what he sees. “When he loses himself, he’s usually out of it for a few hours.”

The woman nods, wipes away a tear, and gives him a quick good morning kiss, as they were leaving the room
The nurse briefly paused in front of the window, to check the area, and him, one more time

And he was awakened…
There she was, standing in front of the window, hands on her hips, a smirk on her lips, and an ever so slight hint of the devil in her brilliant eyes

Today was a special day, and oh how he loved being with her. There was nowhere else he’d rather be

*the door locks from the hallway*