He paces throughout this prison, barred by the abandoned spaces, only remnants of remembrances, naught remaining in periphery breathing subject to parsimony, being always reticent to continue, heaviness of heart to aching joints, he can’t embrace the empty spaces rather he zealously oppugns reality, avoids the missing yet not unseen, at the mercy of theContinue reading “Spaces”

The din

The unexpected presence of a new voice rose through his darkened din; it is crystalline and promising, frightening and unobtainable Wayward imagination will choose its usual ruse ere he’s disabused; one for which he unerringly falls, evidenced by his halls of fancied fallacies Is that simple gullibility or blind intractability? Is it desperate esperance orContinue reading “The din”


“Good morning, honey…” He was awakened by her quick good morning kiss Just before receiving a second, from the hastily opened curtains Both of them beamed, though he couldn’t divine which was brighter But it seems they each were happy he was there, which always puzzled him She stood briefly in front of the window,Continue reading “Elaborate”