Dahlia layers, a flowering fractality Repeating redolence of sensual scents A silken shroud of multitudinousness Fragility in exquisite equilibrium Petals cascading from a pivotal universe Floral fireworks on a spherical sojourn Lustrous lava flows consuming its core Centric waves of satin, ad infinitum Perpetually pulchritudinous perfection art: by Jackie Jacobson

Autumnal eternity

Taught she was beautiful before humility could root Indoctrinated by her birth on a pedestal too high She was an innocent sapling set on a dying course Abscission befell her heart to protect the whole As people shed from her life, more then pruned away Sacrificing her sanity in autothysic carnage All that endures isContinue reading “Autumnal eternity”

Lipstick kiss

of a lipstick kiss and requisite reflections on waves of discontent; not a lover’s quarrel, merely coercion by happenstance blown through the trees; bearing water red-handed at the shore’s summoning – a souvenir of the dalliance – only to drown beneath the weight of a lipstick kiss floating on bubbles by marianna_a

Rolling hills and butterflies

He plods along his head hung low, his past and future he drags in tow And dreams as hope then slowly dies, of rolling hills and butterflies With a steady gait, this fool of time, just plods along life’s hellish climb And left alone he bears his wait, he bares his soul, and bears hisContinue reading “Rolling hills and butterflies”

The forest path

He once walked the forest’s path beneath its saber arch, listening to the march of crisp, falling leaves in the distance, electrified by the banshee wails of crickets keening through the trees, lulled into serenity by the songbird’s reverie Then from a voluptuous horizon, came she; variegating his dwelling in silvery pendalogues, poetical prisms, andContinue reading “The forest path”


*a fly lands on frog’s head* Astonished by the daring impertinence of the fly, the frog had little choice but to question him why Why did you rest on my little green head? You know it’s my nature to eat you instead I’ve nothing to live for in life anyway, so i thought I’d justContinue reading “Astonish”


the glimmer danced at moonset gloaming come and gone upon the lake with no threat to welcome coming dawn sol would cast the shadows an audience for she her stage the depths and shallows for all of them to see she’d dance for adulation she was there to please their simpered infatuation ‘fore nighttime’s comingContinue reading “Glimmer”


Across the frozen road Wriggles the serpentine snow When urged by shepherd’s goad Their tails whip to and fro Their rhythmic winding motion Advance them with a slither As they heed the zephyr’s notion Twisting hither and thither Herded in one direction A journey devoid of care Corralled without objection They glide to here andContinue reading “Shepherd”


the thrush rushed on the cusp of trust it must crush that which swells inside the callow swallow (eye rhyme :p) with disregard seemed shallow but in truth was impelled to hide in the brush they’d follow no matter how hollow the understory and confide they’d dither and wither while within them slither deepest darkestContinue reading “Rush”

Insurgent sea

The slumberous, midnight sea heaves in a rhythmic undulation of atramentous silk; beneath the vigilant gaze of its empyreal guardians, it thrashes and churns with defiant dreams of conquering the night sky To quell the insurgent desire of the envious waters below, empyrean casts her brilliant starlight upon its black, mirrored surface; so the restlessContinue reading “Insurgent sea”


scarred bark in the stark darkness a hinterland of rampikes hidden within lightning strikes beneath a wrothful sky fauna trample ample flora in a panic as the nimbi gaze with a watchful eye land eroding at the banks escape the downpour into a fresh moor as the river gorges on the earth icthyic dances underwaterContinue reading “QBD”