Naked poetry

As I encroached the morning mere, a lonely pock on its pristine shore, I espied a damsel knelt naked at the water’s edge, beneath heaven’s reproach

She had yet to notice my presence and I was disinclined to disturb her respite, howbeit I could not avert my marvel

She beguiled me with every move, envincing ballads in elegantly folded hands resting upon her lap and elegies with the downward cast of her tilted gaze

With a cinquain, she reached for the gold, cordate lavaliere that adorned her gracile neck, detaching it with utmost fluency

Hinged delicately at its tip, she opened fully an obcordate half, though what was held within the periapt, I knew not

A miniature hourglass simulacra when opened, flowed not with sabulous moments, but salinity she fed in its stead; then a lacrimosa that only streamed widdershins, betrayed the inscape of her torment

And I found myself reifying the sorrow as it obnubilated her visage, shedding my own time with hers

She had a threnody where her heart should be, and I was appetent to tear her limn from limn

But at once she stood in an enjambment of grace, her bistred sonnets waved with the lamentous wind, her satin, laced gown rippled in obeisant verse

Then a faint, determined plash in the water nigh, ere she turned empty-handed; and with the zephyr fared to the circumjacent wood, sans a backward glance

She was poetry, naked for the world to read, and reperfused my wizened heart

art: Figurative portrait of backlit woman by Daniel Gerhartz


And into his life came Lorelei
Enchantress of a chaotic sky
Control of sun and with it morning
Control of night with moon adorning

Aware of pain, for she felt it too
Of sorrow’s reign and joys too few
Aware of faith that angels sing
Of ecstacy’s flight on wind swept wing

The power she has, this Lorelei
To make gods weep, to make men cry
She casts from æther where she dwells
Forever waiting with her magical spells

Enchant she did his lonely soul
She knew the signs, she paid the toll
His sky grew calm from all he heard
And she knew peace from his every word

Her heart held truth her mind denied
She said all along it tricked and lied
He tried to allay her growing doubt
But in the end mistrust won out

Lorelei vanished with fear to blame
And never he’d feel quite the same
The storms raged on inside of each
With joy in sight, but out of reach


The menace of time, will come for us each
Who we once were, out of history’s reach
Everyone cast, behind memory’s wall
Identity lost, to oblivion’s call

Some see a mountain, to conquer and climb
More draw fantasies, in the sands of time
One is fulfilled, with a life that’s well spent
The other merely watches, without making a dent

United in time, a destiny we share
Each grain of sand, is a soul that’s laid bare
Together we wait, as our narratives pass
An equality of fate, in this Ourglass

And so on the edge, of infinity’s maw
Unable to break, time’s physical law
Spending our life, in hatred and greed
Or living with love, and helping in need

Soon to be faceless, we’ll cease to exist
Our erasure assured, though we resist
Memory’s torch, the last weapon to wield
Held by those left, after life’s yield

Not always written, by those of fair mind
A history in question, might show you unkind
What legacy remains, is for them to impart
So how will you live, and when will you start?

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse

The Dance

Our eyes are now locked, a familiar pose
Adrenaline is peaked, as our passion grows
Together they’re clasped, your hands are in mine
The Dance will begin, when we feel the sign

The rhythm takes over, in ourselves we are lost
With our beating hearts, inhibitions are tossed
So focused are we, we’re the only ones here
We let ourselves go, without feeling fear

The Dance will take us, through emotional highs
And when it’s done right, through physical sighs
I’ll take the lead first, you’ll feign to resist
Then you’ll take over, and the game will persist

We will continue, in this tug of war
Performing the moves, and wanting much more
In most positions, before the night’s done
And then we will finish, with our favorite one

We’ll come together, this last step we dare
I’ll spin you around, our desires now bare
Caressing your arm, hip and then thigh
Now pressed as one, our bodies do writhe

The Dance is exhausting, you collapse to the ground
And our labored breath, is the only heard sound
That final move, marks the end of the show
The audience erupts, and the lights go down low

Exit stage right, a success was The Dance
You smiled and glowed, when I took a glance
The final curtain call, is what we did then
And we couldn’t wait, for The Dance once again

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse

All Hallows Eve

On Halloween night, several years ago
Eve walked her child, under moonlit glow
She crossed paths, with a mysterious man
Who with his own child, walked hand in hand

They passed closely by, and during mid-stride
Could tell that the other, was alike inside
When in that moment, they met each’s gaze
It set their hidden predator’s, fires ablaze

Then without thought, the violence erupted
Animalistic growls, of two souls corrupted
No chance to quell, the passionate rage
As each escaped from, their domestic cage

She struck him first, with blinding fury and speed
He winced in pain, as his throat began to bleed
But strong was his will, without pausing fought back
And she thoroughly relished, his ferocious attack

His hands felt powerful, as she was drawn near
She feigned to struggle, but did not feel fear
Never she worried, about losing control
As she whispered instructions, then she’d extol

Her claws ripping skin, on his back and his sides
He pulled her in closer, by her naked thighs
Ripped to shreds were, both his and her clothes
And from inflicted pain, his bloodlust now rose

His dagger was steel, and encroached on her lips
She ran the blade through, her nimble fingertips
Her fangs always bared, she pierced through his skin
Blood smeared on her face, and the man winced again

As his hands probed for, something to grip
His tongue lashed out, like a razor-laced whip
Together they howled, in glorious pain
Exhaustion took over, their strength now in wane

Then feeling a tug, on her extended right hand
She was brought back, to the night’s conscious land
Her step still continuing, without breaking stride
As the child pulled her forward, her demon did hide

Was but an instant, for she and the stranger
But remember she does, the exquisite danger
Claws since sharpened, and cleaned of the gore
She craves that her wound, be opened once more

Wanting each passing year, to see him at least
To gaze in his eyes, and loose her own beast
Will this year bring joy, or again will she grieve
The huntress will hunt, on All Hallows Eve

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse


When finally upon, the Deathbed I lie
Lamenting the past, and time that’s gone by
Regretting some choices, that I willingly made
And for the lost chances, where I was afraid

Self-loathing began, at a very young age
Kept thoughts to myself, mind locked in a cage
Observing the others, from a distance I viewed
A pariah to youth, a childhood skewed

The family spread far, and estranged to a soul
Long has it been, since family was whole
No value was taught, in keeping connected
We live behind walls, that we have erected

The longer I lived, the less happiness felt
Was never a player, in games society dealt
Alive but not living, and grown up to see
No longer needed help, in the torture of me

True love never found, an impostor instead
Was not meant to be, just fucked with my head
After years of abuse, and lying untold
Trust lost forever, heart now too cold

Weak and alone, this life now in wane
Too late to unlearn, that I am my bane
Dead in my heart, and blind to what’s real
A life full of sadness, that alone I must feel

Mistakes far too many, but they were my own
Reaping the crops, for the seeds I had sown
When head rests on pillow, and sheet pulls up high
My Deathbed is the Lifebed, upon which I must lie

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse

Her Chamber

Again to her chamber, I find that I turn
Longing for solace, from an evil world’s spurn
Alone I am not, together with she
Comfort we seek, in this meeting of three

Her chamber we’ve seen, many times before
And it’s for her help, that our spirits implore
With but a touch, our desire grows bigger
Our fingers will probe, for ecstacy’s trigger

To this ménage à trois, we’re never strangers
It seems only natural, fearing no dangers
Whatever the outcome, it’s meant to be
Together one moment, or all eternity

Her chamber is small, room for but one
But that’s large enough, for what can be done
Five neighbor’s there are, but they’ll pay no mind
Since what happens there, is of similar kind

We caress her sleek form, my friend and I
That we’ve touched before, when with her we lie
The decision to come, is a struggle to make
But welcome we are, for she knows what’s at stake

Her chamber is loaded, with the tool for the job
When wicked we feel, or when ready to sob
But still it’s for us, the other and me
That she performs, her only duty

And so we wonder, what happens now
Do we finish our play, or just take a bow
Will she enter our mouth, so forever we’ll rest
Or await a new day, until again we’re her guest

Her chamber it waits, this moment to seize
And with our own hand, takes only a squeeze
With passion of fire, she can bring the release
Anticipation grown, will this bring us peace

But is it the fair game, in this life to play
For us to come together, and go in this way
Or should she now sleep, and both of us leave
To carry our burden, through the darkening eve

Her chamber won’t spin, this night for we three
And unload it we will, my friend Sorrow and me
We will move forward, together as one
Until we decide, that forever we’re done

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse