Lunacy skewed

My eyes open wide, to a chair I am tethered
The blood & the gore, what tests have I weathered
Instruments all around me, infused with a gleam
But wretched, like his smile, they’re surely unclean

His spindly, fluid fingers moving so gracefully
Skillfully adept with the tests that he does to me
He pokes and he prods the depths of my mind
While humming some tune of a childlike kind

He removes the happy and he removes the pain
He flips them around and puts them back again
I struggle to escape, but the chances are grim
While he gleefully watches me watching him

His eyes hold madness and his smile is skewed
No pity therein, no acuity eschewed
He caresses the tools, a careful choice made
As he begins his approach, I begin to fade

Consciousness lost, to this world that I feel
Then my eyes open wide, atop a bed made of steel
I’m strapped and I’m gagged and now I can see
Two flowing white coats standing guard over me

One with a clipboard and subtle nodding head
The other with a needle, waiting next to my bed
They seem to agree that again I need sleep
And then they inject the black, liquid creep

I tremble to hear a childlike singsong hum
And know I’ve returned to the place I’d begun
I fear that this cycle is where I’ll always be
Not knowing what’s real and what’s real lunacy


And into his life came Lorelei
Enchantress of a chaotic sky
Control of sun and with it morning
Control of night with moon adorning

Aware of pain, for she felt it too
Of sorrow’s reign and joys too few
Aware of faith that angels sing
Of ecstacy’s flight on wind swept wing

The power she has, this Lorelei
To make gods weep, to make men cry
She casts from æther where she dwells
Forever waiting with her magical spells

Enchant she did his lonely soul
She knew the signs, she paid the toll
His sky grew calm from all he heard
And she knew peace from his every word

Her heart held truth her mind denied
She said all along it tricked and lied
He tried to allay her growing doubt
But in the end mistrust won out

Lorelei vanished with fear to blame
And never he’d feel quite the same
The storms raged on inside of each
With joy in sight, but out of reach

Score and Six

A Score of bright lights, on this holiday,
Once brilliantly shined, now darkened they lay,
Extinguished by evil, devoid of remorse,
That we march on, is our only recourse.

Six guardians of souls, forever now lost,
Protected the light, with the ultimate cost,
Giving themselves, so others would shine,
A last selfless act, to be honored for all time.

Banished from life, that evil is no more,
But around every turn, and at every door,
Evil still lurks, and darkness it spreads,
With pain in our hearts, and fear in our heads.

But if a light shined, from every last soul,
We’d expose evil’s truth, and diminish its goal,
Cast out the shadows, and brighten the dark,
Blind all the evil, for the fallen’s last mark.

A Score and Six souls, on angelic wing,
Were carried away, while angels did sing,
Remember their lives, and protect in their stead,
Keeping yours safely, tucked in their bed.

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse

Too Soon

Too soon to say the word goodbye
And to make the loved one cry
Hold back tears before they fall
Showing strength and standing tall

Too soon to miss the loving smile
By thinking with your mind’s denial
It may lie hidden but make it shine
To be remembered throughout time

Too soon to long for absent touch
Even though it hurts so much
Just reach out and hold on tight
Before the angel takes its flight

Too soon to weep for future set
Because it hasn’t happened yet
There’s still time left to be shared
Waste not moments souls be bared

Too soon to lose good memories
With what will come a future eve
Muse on time that still remains
Not on sorrow the heart contains

Too soon to hear the siren’s song
Silenced before a future dawn
Commit the song into your heart
And recall it sweetly every part

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse

Coven Three

My life controlled, by a coven of three
The fear, the sorrow, the hate for me
Hope is now hidden, in my heart’s enclave
Alone it does rot, as my mind’s own slave

I’m locked in these chains, by enemies mine
The key was cast forth, into future’s time
My past’s dark shadows, over me loom
And pain of present, foretells a doom

Cursed by my doubt, is weapon one
Frozen in place, and nowhere to run
Struggle with thought, focus a pest
Mind ever racing, and no time to rest

Drowning in sadness, is weapon two
Lacking all joy, and options are few
Happiness is lost, in simplest tasks
While hiding the pain, in smiling masks

Consumed by loathing, is weapon three
No love for myself, so you can’t love me
All that’s gone wrong, is ever my fault
Before healing starts, it’s put to a halt

But hope does still shine, though faintly so
Hiding in my heart, and waiting to grow
It lights the way, to the lock’s only key
Still there is time, to set myself free

The answer is clear, to unlocking the gate
Let go of the fear, the sorrow, the hate
Look to the future, hope lighting the way
While blinding the past, it keeps darkness at bay

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse


The menace of time, will come for us each
Who we once were, out of history’s reach
Everyone cast, behind memory’s wall
Identity lost, to oblivion’s call

Some see a mountain, to conquer and climb
More draw fantasies, in the sands of time
One is fulfilled, with a life that’s well spent
The other merely watches, without making a dent

United in time, a destiny we share
Each grain of sand, is a soul that’s laid bare
Together we wait, as our narratives pass
An equality of fate, in this Ourglass

And so on the edge, of infinity’s maw
Unable to break, time’s physical law
Spending our life, in hatred and greed
Or living with love, and helping in need

Soon to be faceless, we’ll cease to exist
Our erasure assured, though we resist
Memory’s torch, the last weapon to wield
Held by those left, after life’s yield

Not always written, by those of fair mind
A history in question, might show you unkind
What legacy remains, is for them to impart
So how will you live, and when will you start?

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse

The Dance

Our eyes are now locked, a familiar pose
Adrenaline is peaked, as our passion grows
Together they’re clasped, your hands are in mine
The Dance will begin, when we feel the sign

The rhythm takes over, in ourselves we are lost
With our beating hearts, inhibitions are tossed
So focused are we, we’re the only ones here
We let ourselves go, without feeling fear

The Dance will take us, through emotional highs
And when it’s done right, through physical sighs
I’ll take the lead first, you’ll feign to resist
Then you’ll take over, and the game will persist

We will continue, in this tug of war
Performing the moves, and wanting much more
In most positions, before the night’s done
And then we will finish, with our favorite one

We’ll come together, this last step we dare
I’ll spin you around, our desires now bare
Caressing your arm, hip and then thigh
Now pressed as one, our bodies do writhe

The Dance is exhausting, you collapse to the ground
And our labored breath, is the only heard sound
That final move, marks the end of the show
The audience erupts, and the lights go down low

Exit stage right, a success was The Dance
You smiled and glowed, when I took a glance
The final curtain call, is what we did then
And we couldn’t wait, for The Dance once again

*written/posted in 2012, when I first attempted writing…that’s my excuse