Cubbies and corners

In the darkest parts

of the starkest hearts

In the cubbies and corners

a rebellion starts

From the silent dreams

to the violent screams

Therein you’ll find

these desperate schemes

For the madness mends

when the sadness ends

When the will is broken

as it no longer bends

Then a hidden seed

grows the bidden need

To succumb to the call

of the forbidden deed


We hide in their minds and look thru their eyes
Falsely accuse them with each new disguise
Ones tempered and steadfast, you’ll find on the way
But they fall the hardest and then longer they stay

They’ll try to find ways to set themselves free
To the light in the tunnel is where they will flee
Fret not when they pass since ever we’ll find
New darkness to hover, again making them blind

You’ll swell, little one, to ominous proportions
Be true to the lessons, shape their will in contortions
The faster you swarm their positive reflections
The sooner you’ll make the dark course corrections

Use hate and deceit to your heart’s desire
Throw fear and paranoia onto the burgeoned pyre
Shroud light that they see ‘hind shadows and guilts
And again their strength crumbles, decomposes, or wilts

Then sadness looked up to his mentor depression
And knew that one day there’d be total succession
New angles he’d find, which is always the key
To invent pristine shackles, so they’ll never be free


Thank you for the smile, can you tell me where you got it? Oh, it’s yours? No wonder you give it so freely; it’s beautiful.

What a fortunate twist of fate, that you were bestowed such a gift. Many are not so lucky, that is to include me. Most are merely masks; insincere attempts for favor, hidden within parted lips and acceptable behavior. I’ve never been one to play the game, so I’m sorry, I don’t have my own to give in return.

From the inside, you say? But how did it get there? I can’t believe you were born with it. Surely, though, it must have been nurtured therein. Perhaps, as a youngling, your parents planted it, and fed to it love. Perhaps later, it rooted from societal zeitgeist. Have you always been told of your beautiful smile?

They are like razors to my jugular, vertical stripes astride the apple. Carving away the knot from this apple of no eye. Had I the unerring desire to leave this place, I’d surround myself with beautiful smiles. What better way to die…

Why did I thank you for the smile then? A rose proffers its beauty genuinely. Its only motive lies in a simple complexity, to have others bask in its profusion of grandeur; solipsistic maybe, but innocently so. Without calculation. Only an overwhelming overture to spread.

Ah! Your smile grew just then, as did the roses upon your cheeks. This is how I know it’s true, because of the company it now keeps. Without calculation, and it then spread.

As I said, I don’t have my own smile to give you, but that’s not to say that I can’t give you one anyway.


heart’s bane
shadow’s reign
blood’s stain
love came
and went
tears followed
life’s hollowed
pills swallowed
naught the doll owed
to the void sent
gone forever
memory never
thoughts would sever
the time
she was lent

~freewrite, rapid write, quick brain dump

If they only knew

I can almost hear the sunlight’s strain, as it struggles to push through the closed windowblinds, steadfastly determined to flood the room with its unwanted presence

Like the uninvited guest happily knocking at the welcome mat-less front door
The too-cheery neighbor waving from their well-manicured lawn
The good mornings and have a nice days from well-meaning strangers and their bright, little spawn

If they only knew the pleasant quicksand of shadows they scatter
If they only knew the safety of the gripping silence they pollute
If they only knew the sorrowful comfort they mindlessly disturb
And the cobwebs of dolor & distraction they insouciantly brush away
They’d not darken my door

It’s lucky for them they don’t know what’s hidden inside

…but, I suppose, luckier for me