Buried memories

What buried memories have I? Those that would drag me to   their perfidious depths;  where the skeletons of sanshi await   to cradle an ancient woe Those that would evulse tears unbidden,  ignite the searing guilt,   encite the burning questions;  lead the rings of fire to shed shame   amidst blush and fluster They who would turn a deaf earContinue reading “Buried memories”


untrammelled fingertips scratching for crumbs of dignity frenetically lurching for a morsel, searching across a society that’s failed no fraction of compassion to justify a place for humanity no sliver of transient sanity to quell the delusions of misplaced hope clawing hands cannot wring, and digging fingers bear the filth of truth praying hands sitContinue reading “Crumbs”


Her evanescent sanity An abruption of the psyche, hovered overhead Dispersed in the brume of reality’s abyss Maddening madnesses corralling sadnesses As she surreptitiously clawed at her arm A misstep bound to betoken suspicious eyes They can’t discover, they can’t suspect Lest her arms be girded and out of reach She knew the game, sheContinue reading “Abrupt”