untrammelled fingertips scratching for crumbs of dignity frenetically lurching for a morsel, searching across a society that’s failed no fraction of compassion to justify a place for humanity no sliver of transient sanity to quell the delusions of misplaced hope clawing hands cannot wring, and digging fingers bear the filth of truth praying hands sitContinue reading “Crumbs”


Layered psychoses swelter her brow, helter-skelter sans clemency of a breath; nested neuroses bombastically loud, she’s a madness of matryoshka dolls; infinity mirrors of dwindling sanity, bearing distant truths of her diminishing self; the taunting homunculi with unreal expectations, synchronize chides for Platonic perfection; this ephemeral Form of unattainable need, is found unapologetic in theContinue reading “Doll”


Untidy mind, third eye blind Whence comes the madness, then she opined… Toxic optic epic otic basic logic ethic stoic mimic gimmick tragic tactic ethnic critic septic civic cleric mystic telic fistic frantic antic manic panic graphic traffic drastic plastic Can’t escape the stress bombastic art: Deliberation by Mario Sanchez Nevado  


His mind lacks an integral incorporation to be a contribution to sprawling society, its integrity weakened by saints and sinners, lay splintered in vague dormition An autodidactically caliginous brume festers this dibilitating, deleterious haze; a cataract of anamnesis and presence, an opalescent lens opaquely eshewing rose Fostering his subversively caducous reality of acquaintances and acquiescences,Continue reading “Integrity”


She’s the fade of the smile when they turn away She’s the burn in the red, puffy eyes She’s the space between heartbeats Not living nor dead She’s the pause at the end of the sighs She’s the track that remains from the path of a tear She’s the nod to the voices unheard She’sContinue reading “Caged”