Bullet dodged

Bullet dodgedHavoc unwreakedThroat unlodgedSecrets unleaked Sight unseenLover unravagedInterest unseemedHater unsavaged Seeker unboundHider unsoughtReason unsoundDanger unfraught Path unclearFate unraveledPresence unnearSteps untraveled Embrace unfeltLove ungivedDesire undealtLife unlived art: (untitled) by Marcos Beccari


Her wordless withdrawal  was swallowed by the  groan of the closing door;  creeping up his spine,  it delivered a haunting  death rattle to his ear  After the door’s throes  died away, after the  last echo of its final  lament, he whispered, in  eloquence only brevity  has mastered, Goodbye  art: Der Blick by Edward B. Gordon