To continue

He couldn’t write to save his life, evidenced ad nauseam; nor would he want to burden words with such an execrable chore It wasn’t writer’s block, no – not that he thinks he deserves the moniker – it’s rather akin to a nietzsche niche There isn’t much that occupies him, though he’d come to welcomeContinue reading “To continue”


he followed the rules, of the bespoken tools others would break them, he’s a foretoken fool he squandered each day, by obeying the fray a prisoner of self, ever losing his way he wasted each night, no voice for his plight no answers would come, no choice but to write he’d never feel peace, asContinue reading “Rules”


Adorned in his button down The curve of her back As she eagerly leans over her lap Where his freshest open wound lay A flower to her nourishment drawn A petal hovering above Anticipating the page’s turn Hair held up by a yellow no. 2 Save a languorously dangling curl Persistently insistent on reading alongContinue reading “Notable”


he sat in darkness, his darkness warmed by the seductive dancing of firelight, as its fingers caress his rufescent cheeks a trace of cognac coalesced in the corner of his glass, pulling itself toward the diminishing flames that reflect upon its crystalline surface mesmerized, he watches his long journey unfold in the fireplace, absorbed inContinue reading “Haul”


scarred bark in the stark darkness a hinterland of rampikes hidden within lightning strikes beneath a wrothful sky fauna trample ample flora in a panic as the nimbi gaze with a watchful eye land eroding at the banks escape the downpour into a fresh moor as the river gorges on the earth icthyic dances underwaterContinue reading “QBD”